Transportation Insurance

The transportation of goods is an essential part of a company’s logistics in promoting its products. It is important to have insurance covering the merchandise being transported by motor freight, air, ship, or rail.

There are three types of contracts:

  • Policy per Trip
  • Annual Policy with monthly reporting
  • Annual Policy by sales forecast with adjustment at end of term

Basic Coverage

  • Ordinary Transit Risk

Additional Coverage

  • Total or Partial Theft.
  • Looting, pilfering, and theft, resulting from an ordinary transit risk.
  • Moisture and Rust.
  • Contact with other cargo.
  • Contamination or Staining resulting from a covered risk.
  • Tearing and Splitting.
  • Denting, bending and chipping resulting from an ordinary transit risk.
  • Wastage.
  • Spillage.
  • Warehouse to Warehouse.
  • Storage time in Customs and Bonded Warehouses for 30 days, covering only Fire, Lightning, and Explosion.
  • Sweeping.
  • Jettison.
  • Barratry of Captain and Crew.