This is a guarantee management program operating by systematic issuing of bonds, for the purpose of covering the principal financial and operating risks involving your contractors, suppliers and/or service providers.
This program is oriented toward Major Beneficiaries who need to guarantee:

  • Advance payments made to contractors
  • Fulfillment of Obligations
  • Good Quality
  • Conventional Penalties
  • Labor Obligations
  • Contractors’ Liability Insurance



  • Guarantee fulfillment of obligations contracted by beneficiary with suppliers and contractors.
  • Indemnify for damages caused by a potential nonfulfillment, through the surety bond.
  • Issue, manage, and control bond policies required to ensure fulfillment of obligations by contractors, suppliers, and service providers.
  • Provide backing for companies in controlling suppliers and their activities, to ensure that they are aligned with the conditions and objectives for which they were contracted, thus avoiding loss.


  • Supplier selection, minimizing nonfulfillment risks (Bonding lines).
  • Administrative simplification, by dealing only with Foster Insurance and Bonding.
  • Analysis of suppliers’ and contractors’ technical, financial, and moral solvency.
  • On-line management and control of current bonds.
  • Immediate consulting services in case of claims, bond wording, contracts, etc.
  • Training workshops for bond management.
  • Nationwide service to your suppliers.
  • Nationwide remote bond policy issuing service.
  • Processing and follow-up of renewals and cancellations.
  • This supplier program involves no cost for the program contractor, as our fees for this service are covered by the contractor, supplier, or service provider when payment is made to the bonding company we represent.